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Dumb Lighter Question

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What's inside the lighter receptacle? Car is an '02 E320 wagon.

No, I don't smoke. And yes, the fuse is fine. But, our GPS won't work, and the lighter wouldn't heat up when I tried it instead.

Using a test lamp, I found 12V inside the receptacle (with the ignition on). But only at the head of a rivet in the center bottom of the lighter receptacle. The removable lighter won't make contact; neither will the GPS adaptor.

Is there something missing from the inside of the receptacle? Do I need a new receptacle, or just the (imagined?) thingie that's missing?
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I have found that my cell phone charger would not work in the cigarette lighter, but the lighter works. It's pretty shallow and I reasoned this to be the problem but that's just a guess. I have not tried any other chargers in the thing.

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We have a '98 and an '01 and neither lighter works, but both will work with cell phone chargers, but will sometimes require a twist or a jiggle to make contact.

Try moving the 12v recepticle in the back of the wagon to the front. Not looking at my car right now, so not sure if that's feasable, but just a thought.

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Thanks for the ideas!

- Yes - I have to jiggle the GPS (and cell adaptor, etc) in our Audi to make it work. I think German cars have diff lighter receptacles; US adaptors don't work well. Same in my Porsche.

- No way anything will work in the E320, the way it is

- I tried the lighter in the rear seating (wagon) "12V Outlet". It does not fit (too big)
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