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Dual Climate control

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I want to thank all of you for this forum.
I have one question.

I like the look of dual climate control on dash more than the manual one which came with my car. maybe some of you saying it is waste of money but I think it makes the dash more like MB than it is now.
my questions are:

1) is it easy to replace the new dash controller with the one I have now? if I remove the panel, then can I just unplug the cables and connect it to the new one ?

2) If I connect it to my car, can this new controller works at least like the manual one I have ? ( I think someone mentioned in this forum that the dual zone part of it won't work) but at least does it do what my manual control do now ?

3) can I remove the panel that holds the gage without removing the vents ?

4) Right now when I switch the wind to anywhere like window or ,.... still it comes out from the face part at the same time. If I put this new controller, will it solve this problem ?

this is what I want to put in my 2007 b200 non-turbo ( Canadian version )



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I'm interested in this mod too...
Even if it works, what's the point, you don't get vents in the rear of the console, there is non REST function, independent L/R's like putting an AMG badge on the back! I think no-one would be impressed with that.
Even if it works, what's the point, you don't get vents in the rear of the console, there is non REST function, independent L/R's like putting an AMG badge on the back! I think no-one would be impressed with that.
Yes. I mentioned in my post that probably some of you guys don't like this idea and I totally respect it. but this is a personal thing and putting the AMG at the back is for showoff but this one is inside my car, with a tinted window, so really I change the look of my car the way I like it because I have to enjoy my car.
So as long as it is doable with reasonable price and it does at least the same thing my current controller does, then it is a personal choice if I go for it or not :).
I'm interested in this mod too, I like the more "tech-y" look it gives over the regular manual one. Let me know if it works.


It is true that very little would be achieved with this mod (if it does work), but esthetically, it would look great. I think you would need an updated face/trim panel, as the older cars had three round dials, and the cut out may be different. It shouldn't be too hard to put in, but not sure how the two different models hook up in the back. Again, you would likely loose most of the functionality from the updated model, but the look would be nice. You might not even get the temp display, depending on how the unit works and if there is another module for it somewhere in the car.

good Luck and I think you are the guinea pig here. Looks like others want to know how it goes.
Actually, the panel is the same for the automatic and the confort air unit...

There are indeed some differences in the parts included in the system, probably the car can be programmed for the comfort unit...

The operation is nice though, interesting enough for an upgrade...

Also, interesting to know how much the extra parts needed would cost...
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Thunder, have you swap your analog aircon control unit with the digital one?
If yes, hope it functions fine.
I wanted to do the same to my 2010 B.
Would also like to add the Rear Vents like those earlier 2006 Bs which has digital aircon too.
Does our new B came with pre-installed factory airflow conduit for Rear Vent?

Please advise.

I saw a unit for sale here...
The cars without the digital climate control do not come with the air vents to the rear, and a German forum member told me 3 years ago that all the parts alone to convert would cost over $2000.

That the B can be sold these days without rear vents is amazing. It's pretty basic stuff now!
$2000 is a lot just to have this..
Yeah, it's not even close to worth it.

The sad thing is that the THERMOTRONIC dual climate control is available as a stand-alone option on all B-Classes in Germany, even the lowly and dog-slow B 150. But here you can't get it except as part of a package on the B 200 Turbo!

I would have ordered it in my B 200 had it been offered. We get such a weak options list in Canada, it's not even sad, it's pathetic!
So true...
Sorry the revive this old thread, but what's the best way to cool down the rear in a 2010 B200? What settings have been the most effective? I found it strange that there are no rear vents in the current models but didn't think it would be too much issue until the temperatures started heating up.
There are substatial floor vents in the back and if you aim the front centre vents straight back, it works well. The vents at knee level for a centre rear passenger would be ueless for road trips, because when our car is full, someone is sitting there and that person would not want frozen knees. Think of using the defrost setting too..
I will have to look for those floor vents. No mention of them in the manual.

To see the floor vents, just move the front seat all the way forward.
Floor vents are under the front seats and point towards the rear passengers toes. Also, there should be vents just below the rear side windows. These point forwards towards the rear passengers, but the airflow is much weaker than the front, so you may not feel them unless the fan speed is set to high. The aircon on these vehicles are weak, and this car is a moving greenhouse (esp. if you have the sunroof option too). Try to keep the interior as cool as possible with window shades, tint and the sunroof sunshades closed. Otherwise, windows fully open while driving.
...... The aircon on these vehicles are weak, .........
I have no issues with the AC on my B. The front vents pushes out air at 5°C(41°F) :cool: with the fan at #2 or #3 speed....and the outside temp at 27°C.
At 32°C, the interior temp pushed was ~5.5°C (42°F) :cool: at the front vent again in #2 or #3 fan speed.

I've never seen a vent temp cooler than my B. I'm sure they're out there, but I've never seen them.
That the B can be sold without rear vents is hudge disapointment I miss it so much. :(
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