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Merc Vito 112CDI, 2006 Yamaha R6 race bike
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Hi guys,

I have a DTUK CRD2 tuning module for sale.
I had it fitted to my 112CDi and OMG what a difference it made!
Pulled much stronger, with much more torque.
According to DTUK it takes the power to 150BHP. I can't vouch for that but my van flew and had much more grunt.

I've now sold the 112 and took this back off as it cost me £300!
It sure did show up how good the box was though as when it was back to standard the van felt quite flat and had nowhere near as much punch in acceleration.

Easy to 5 min fit, although the connection plug is a little tight to get at.
As far as I'm aware, will fit 108CDi and 110CDi.
Check out the Diesel link

£180 delivered.

Anyone interested give me a call on 07854 173743.
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