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I have 127K miles on my 2006 ML350. At about 120K miles, the check engine light came on. My indy mechanic pulled codes P0016 and P0017.

I have searched the forums and see that these codes point to a defective balance shaft / cam issue on this era engine and most likely not just a defective sensor. Costs to repair are listed as between $4-6K US by those on the forum. I HAVE NOT taken it in to the dealer for a quote as the vehicle is running fine near as I can tell.

I also see that there is a class action lawsuit filed over this issue as most do not appear to be getting dealers to cover any of the costs.

Those that posted on the forum quoted this issue with mileages significantly less than what I am showing on my vehicle.

My questions:
  • Has anyone actually had noticable engine trouble after seeing these codes, and if so how many miles after seeing the codes?
  • Has anyone chosen to just drive their vehicle as is and see what happens?
  • Has anyone had success with the dealer covering repairs, esp with higher mileage?
I tend to hold my vehicles for a long time, so this presents a dilemma as to making a trade sooner than later. I have a decent offer on the table to take this vehicle in trade, but it always seems to be cheaper in the longer run to bit the bullet and make the repair.
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