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so since i've gotten the car i've noticed that when i turn i hear something moving from side to side. It's been bugging me, so i finally got around to try and look for it.

It sounded like something rolling under the passenger side seat, but something moving across plastic. so, the other day i lifted up the seat all the way and found nothing but loose wires, so i ziptied them even more and called it a day.

the next day i drove the car and it didn't go away. tonight i come to find out that it is coming from the center console! the very rear part of it, so i assume maybe the ashtray (something fell back into it and into the center console) THEN i noticed that the rear vents are facing up.. so now i am guessing it was the previous owner that had kids and they must have shoved something small down there.

Is there any way to remove that rear console cover where the rear ashtray/vents are?? i tried but couldn't find anything. the noise is loud and consistent, it's driving me NUTS! :smash:
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