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190e 2.6L 1989
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So got a 190e 2.6 . Took my driveshaft off because i needed to change the flexdisc near the transmission cause it was completly gone... Changed the center support bearing also.

But when i took my driveshaft off i did not mark how it was so now its unbalanced.

Now when im in first guear i can fell the driveshaft hit in the center. I took the driveshaft and toggled it abit to the side its doing it less. Do i have to take it off each time or is there a way to know where to put it a sign or something. Thank god i have a lift to do it.

Thanks in advance.

(PS. to explain what happened before i was driving and the driveshaft was beating hard onto the chassie cause the cente bearing and the flex disc where completly done.

So changed both but its still doing it abit cause of the driveshaft unbalanced.

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I'm assuming that your drive shaft has been bent, and it is not a DIY fix..
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