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Drivers Side Door Windows (both of them) Problem

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Just noticed last night, that both windows on the driver's side lower themselves slightly when I open the driver's door, which I believe is intentional and designed to reduce wear on the seals when opening and closing the doors. However, now neither window is going back up when the door is closed, not even when I lock the car.

Is this a common problem?

Is it an easy fix I can take care of on the driveway, or is MB Sugar Land going to get another handful of my Ben Franklins to put this right? Monsoon season is nearly upon us down here in Houston, and I really don't want to come back to wet seats day in day out.

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-Inspect fuses 21, 22, 32 and 33. Pulling the fuses disconnects power to the front and rear power window circuits.

-Re-install fuses.

- Cycle windows up/down.

-With the windows up hold each switch in the up position for ~5sec.This calibrates the windows.

Hopefully this will resolve your issue!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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