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Driver's Door Switch

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Doesn't work reliably. I've sprayed contact cleaner down the shaft and actuated it dozens of times and it hasn't really helped. I checked on the price of this part and wow - $80 - $120! I would like my foot well lights to come on when I open the door but not at that cost.

The switch is riveted together. Has anyone successfully disassembled and reassembled one of these?

Thanks, Andy

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I would remove, disassemble and refurbish. If it’s working intermittently, it could be poor contact due to arcing, in which case you can file and polish the contact points. This has happened with my window switches a few times... Never disassembled, but I’m sure it’s possible!
Now that’s how you do it! Thanks for the write up.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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