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Driver's Door Switch

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Doesn't work reliably. I've sprayed contact cleaner down the shaft and actuated it dozens of times and it hasn't really helped. I checked on the price of this part and wow - $80 - $120! I would like my foot well lights to come on when I open the door but not at that cost.

The switch is riveted together. Has anyone successfully disassembled and reassembled one of these?

Thanks, Andy

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I've tested it with a multimeter - on two of the contacts it only closes the connection when the plunger is halfway. Andy
Thanks for the replies. I plucked up the courage and went for it!

First I drilled out the two rivets using a 3/32" bit. They spin around but pushing on the bit helps to get them to come out.


The contacts were corroded on one side.


I used some 120 grit sandpaper wrapped around a small screwdriver to clean the plunger and the contacts in the body.


I then bolted the parts back together using two M2 x 12mm bolts, two washers and two nuts.


Finally I painted the bolt heads and washers with gloss black acrylic paint.


Total repair cost was about $2. :D (y)

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