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Drive shaft?

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Hi everyone, we have been enjoying our 06 Bee for almost a year and a half now. Lately she has developed a shake (shimmy if you will) that has gotten worst. Yesterday my mechanic told me the bad news, both her left and right drive shafts needed to be replaced at a cost of about CAN$3500!! I tried calling to source them aftermarket but seems only MB has them, besides of course junk shops. She has 190,000KM (got her at 115,000Kms) and we do around 200Kms a day up and down Hwy 400 north of Toronto. My mechanic tells me that is a lot of money for the car, considering its age and mileage and would consider another car at this point. Appreciate any thoughts from you loyal Bee owners out there as I ponder our next move.
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If it was me,..I would get used shafts if necessary from a scrap yard. Make sure that the plastic/rubber boots have not been damaged in their removal.

Make sure that you get shafts that are good for your B. I don't know if the automatics and the manuals have the same shafts in them.

Strange that the shafts can't be rebuilt at a fraction of that estimate. I would also call all of the MB garages to see if they could do the repair at a reduced cost.

This isn't rocket science's 2 drives-shafts and any MB garage can easily change them ...and you'd think that the MB garage could have them serviced/rebuilt also..
Thanks Gagan...:thumbsup:

Each year my hatch struts/supports hold the hatch up less and less,..especially in the very cold (and now snowy) weather up here. I've had my head bumped once this winter already..:twak:

I'll have to get to "parts source" soon....Got a phone # to that TO store..??
Hey Gagan....Just contacted listing for the B Class rear hatch struts.

Do you have a part # for the struts that PartSource sold you that are an ~ fit on our B..??..or did you bring the old B strut in to them,.. and they found a close match for you..??
Thanks Gagan..:thumbsup:

Just got back from Whitby.,PartSource..and they had no listing...Will now work with this added info and get them... (I hope)

BTW..No PartSource in Quebec...
Supposedly....All drive-shafts can be rebuilt by the "Driveshaft Shop" in the US of A. You ship it down to them and they ship it back to you. (probably not cheap..but not $3500 either)

Some Toronto drive-shaft shops might be out there too ....if you look and call around....

Always take pics with a tape measure beside to partially show dimensions to them..

Worth a call to them to find out "if" they would do the B shafts too. I would also make sure that the plastics boots are verified and that the "special" B Class boots are serviceable or available also before they work on them..

Maybe "aftermarket boots" could be fitted....but also maybe not..

.Added Driveshaft Shop #..1-800-2244 ..might be out of North Carolina.




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Gagan,...Thanks for the offer....but my brother will be picking them up.

...but will he be placing them under the Christmas tree..??
Yes I did...They're made in Germany..!! Woo..Hoo..!!

Thanks...for that info.. Now I can put my hard hat away...
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