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Drive shaft?

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Hi everyone, we have been enjoying our 06 Bee for almost a year and a half now. Lately she has developed a shake (shimmy if you will) that has gotten worst. Yesterday my mechanic told me the bad news, both her left and right drive shafts needed to be replaced at a cost of about CAN$3500!! I tried calling to source them aftermarket but seems only MB has them, besides of course junk shops. She has 190,000KM (got her at 115,000Kms) and we do around 200Kms a day up and down Hwy 400 north of Toronto. My mechanic tells me that is a lot of money for the car, considering its age and mileage and would consider another car at this point. Appreciate any thoughts from you loyal Bee owners out there as I ponder our next move.
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I have done this also for approximately the same price. I know it is very hard to find driveshafts for this car. There are different shafts for our cars and the dealer needed the vin number to match up the correct shafts when I bought them. If you do find aftermarket shafts then I would suggest to take your old shaft with you and match them up to make sure they are for your car.

I have both my old shafts. The passenger side, the bearings are damaged and would have to be rebuilt but the driver side is fine. If you would like to buy them, PM me and we can work something out. I also live in Toronto.
Believe me I remember and that's with no labour costs. I was also thinking to get rid of this car just like the OP but chose to fix it. Last summer my a/c compressor went and I didn't fix it. This year gotta do that. Probabily another thousand. This car is killing me. I had to replace my trunk lift supports also. Dealer wanted 168 each so we had no trunk for about a year. Finally aftermarket parts are becoming more and more available. Got the supports for 30 dollars each at parts source.
Hi, Here is there customer service number and a link to their website.

customer service 1-866-807-1902

Website Automotive Car and Truck Parts - Find Parts in Canada - PartSource: Automotive, Truck Parts & Accessories

They are owned by Canadian Tire and are all over Canada. There should be one near you.

To the OP, here is a link to an aftermarket driveshaft.

Once again though, confirm with them regarding fit for your car.
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Hi attached Is the parts source receipt. Part number is 2 ALM 1699800964.


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I have gone there a couple of times and inquired about them and they never carrier them. Pretty much nothing for the B200 but now they are starting to get parts for it. I was using a hockey stick to keep trunk open for the past year because I found dealer price to be ridiculous. If you want I can get the part for you unless for some reason the 2006 lift supports are different and they don't carry them. I can mail them out to you. Let me know.

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