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Drive shaft?

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Hi everyone, we have been enjoying our 06 Bee for almost a year and a half now. Lately she has developed a shake (shimmy if you will) that has gotten worst. Yesterday my mechanic told me the bad news, both her left and right drive shafts needed to be replaced at a cost of about CAN$3500!! I tried calling to source them aftermarket but seems only MB has them, besides of course junk shops. She has 190,000KM (got her at 115,000Kms) and we do around 200Kms a day up and down Hwy 400 north of Toronto. My mechanic tells me that is a lot of money for the car, considering its age and mileage and would consider another car at this point. Appreciate any thoughts from you loyal Bee owners out there as I ponder our next move.
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I agree with what DEVOURS wrote; don't spend the big bucks on new parts from M-B in this case. Rebuilding the existing shafts or getting exchanged rebuilt ones would be preferable to used junkyard shafts. The total cost of such an option would likely be half of what you have been quoted at the dealer.
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