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Drive Cycle for Emission test help

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So I replaced the MAF on the 01 ML430, and have to get ready for the Smog test here in Ca.
Running it through the code reader, in the I/M readiness, 3 are still not ready yet: EVAP, Sec Air and EGR Sys. If more than one is not ready it wont pass. This is my second week driving it to work and back, its 16+ Mile commute and 20-60min drive.
Can anyone provide any advice on having the EVAP, Sec Air and EGR Sys sensors set?


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My 99 ML320 took two weeks to reset, 12 miles one way to work for 10 days plus one trip on interstate 25 miles one way over the weekend. I went for test just to take my chances and passed with all systems ready.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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