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Drive Cycle for Emission test help

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So I replaced the MAF on the 01 ML430, and have to get ready for the Smog test here in Ca.
Running it through the code reader, in the I/M readiness, 3 are still not ready yet: EVAP, Sec Air and EGR Sys. If more than one is not ready it wont pass. This is my second week driving it to work and back, its 16+ Mile commute and 20-60min drive.
Can anyone provide any advice on having the EVAP, Sec Air and EGR Sys sensors set?


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Assuming there are no codes you can start at:

5. EGR System.....


Ive done my "normal routine" on getting cars ready, but this one is just taking too long.
My Same route to work takes from 20-60 minutes depending on time and day, and I have taken it other places too, in town, and long drives, so its been pretty mixed.
We'll see how it goes

How and why did monitors got reset in first place?
Please, update your profile with vehicle and location info.

In Texas 96-02 pass with two monitors not ready. '03 up only one.

If you have means to look at live data stream check STFT (Short Term Fuel Trim) and LTFT (Long Term Fuel Trim) values. LTFT needs to be less then 15%, STFT needs to hover +-3%. When monitors take that long to complete there is usually fault code just to pop up.

You have never fully answered question why computer was reset in the first place and what were the codes prior.
do you have the drive cycle directions for a 2001 ML320? It has been over a month of driving and the O2 sensor monitor and catalyst monitor still are not set and tags expired in Dec 2010.
It is same for any MB after '96. See PDF in post #2
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