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Drew... need help with LED's

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Hey drew, I saw that u put LED bulbs in your C320 Bixenon housing. How did u get it not to trigger a burnt light in your housing. I like the look of you LED lights and would like to get them for the car, but i dont want to do any drastic wiring or cutting of wires. Also Do the halogen high beams turn on along with the xenon highbeam when the headlight is on? like your ML does now. Or did you have to do some re-wiring like u did to make it work like the euro lamp. It's pretty late here and I had a long day so thats why my grammar and wording are pretty crummy lol. Thanks.
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help drew!

help drew!

I wrote my message offline but forgot to post it, hehe.

Anyway, which LED bulbs are you referring to? I have them on the side markers, the front signals, and the front city lamps.

The side markers and city lamps were relatively easy to do. You need a W5W socket (took me about 2 weeks to find them!) to trick the bulb-out system into thinking that the incandescent bulb is still there. As for the signals, with the help of a friend, we managed to fabricate a custom harness/bulb socket with the load equaliser. That was the difficult part. Once that was done, installation only took about 5 mins per lamp.

As for the Bi-Xenons, I'm surprised that you haven't tried them yet! Yes, the halogen high beams come on with the Bi-Xenon high beam, unlike the stock US Bi-Xenon headlamps on the ML. Very odd since all of the MB cars with Bi-Xenons are like that as well.
ahhh, that seems like too much work [:(]...

ahhh, that seems like too much work [:(]
Not really...

ahhh, that seems like too much work [:(]
This coming from the guy who spends hours detailing a car, heh.

The harnesses are easy for me to make since I know where to get the parts now, LOL. Diagnosing why the LEDs didn't want to work with the stock sockets were what took the most time actually. I've actually bought and made a couple of socket/harnesses for one other C-class owner here. It took him only 10 mins to install both of them [:)]
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