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2009 C 300 Sport, 1970 AAR Cuda, 1973 Dart 408 ci stroker
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This worked perfectly, it took seconds. Thanks to 767 Driver !

Once in your car with the ignition on and the phone paired up with the bluetooth, I went into the Phone menu in the MM system with the command controller. There you should find and Address Book option and eventually get to an option that says Receive Business Cards. Select the Receive Business Cards option. Now on the Blackckberry under Manage Connections I can scroll to the Bluetooth options, select it, and then a Transfer Contacts options comes up. I simply selected the Transfer Contacts and within a few seconds it started to download everything and was completed very quickly. It now works perfectly inluding caller ID, voice command or whatever. I imagine the iphone has something similar.Goodluck and hope it helps.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts