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The link below is to the original post regarding doubling up your rear sway bars.

The original thread got revived again here recently too, but I thought it would be worth starting a new one with the "double sway bar" title to ensure it's search-ability in the future. And to see if anyone else has done it with any success and wants to add their two cents about how it was done and how it worked out.
Originally Posted by jhodg5ck View Post
all w126's...some tweaking of the brackets and mounting hardware.. there was a fellow who did a decent write up of it a while ago, will have to try and find it..he was from Australia IIRC.


Took me awhile to find the link, but the double rear sway seemed like such a simple idea that I wanted to see some pix of how it was done and hear about the results.

Not much of a write-up, but the pictures make it look pretty straight-forward. Has anyone else here gone this route and if so, how did it work out?

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