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double blinking wrenches

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how big of a deal is it to drive with these on they appear only when i start my car(2002 ml320 with 82,000)? thanx
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All depends on your Service History my friend; I have an 02 with 70k. I dont follow the instructed service A/B guidelines, since this car is new too you and I doubt you know its history I would look into getting a really good service and a manual.

Might want too take it too the dealer and investigate recalls also. I would never let the dealer process an A/B though, too much cash outta pocket.

Before you even think of getting your car serviced, buy a manual and source out a good local indy..

Your car has FSS, thats what the wrenches are, your looking at a glorified fluids change; oil, all filters, coolant, brake, stuff like that. I would investigate if your car ever had a transmission fluid change also, tranny service is $250 for basically 4 quarts of oil...

Service B can cost from 300 too 550 at the dealer.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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