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i promised a testimonial on these and here it is...after years of looking at jippi's sills i wanted my own...but i also wanted them to be

i ordered these sills here

and i sent a email to jerry (the owner), who helped me out i got a custom decal cut (cosworth) that took a bit longer to make, no worries as i was not in a rush. went to finally install the set of door sills and they didn't fit..none of the bends matched up.. as you can see here.

so i emailed jerry back and showed him pictures of the issue, and returned the sills along with my plastic OEM sills to prove they didn't fit. he said he had 2 different manufactures of the sills, and sent me out a 2nd set with the custom graphics... these fit much better.

as for installing them, it was pretty easy but some modifications had to be made. i ran a new independent power wire for my new lighting, it runs to the passenger floor and breaks out and the ground is spiced into the independent door switch. i'm very satisfied with the product and the look...

if anyone wants custom graphics the total cost will be $250. well worth it in my opinion for a bit of individuality
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