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Hi the door seals on my 190e are in poor condition and i want to replace them my first question is has anyone gone about this process? any walkthrough and/or tips will be appreciated second thing is from the posts ive read about the job from the w124 forum there seems to be a contention whether adhesive is used to attach the seals to the door, im of the opinion an adhesive was used hence would like to know what type of adhesive to use in this case?
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When the vehicle was assembled in Germany, they used adhesive to install the door seals. When the seals have to be replaced, you have to use the adhesive it’s made by 3M it’s sold by Napa. It’s sold by AutoZone. It’s sold at many parts stores.
i have agree just looking at the door seals its not difficult to see the bond between the seal and doors seems to be held together by something in between

and no need to apologize you seem to know what youre talking about, this information will help alot of people avoid an unnecessary/costly screw ups
I think there are clips in places see manual Mercedes Benz Service Manuals
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