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Door locks

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I recently purchased a 2002 C 320. The car is great and I am having a lot of fun with it. One question--the button for locking the doors is on the dashboard. When you push the top of the switch the doors lock and when you push the bottom of the switch the doors unlock. Is my switch installed upsidedown? <p>
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No, that's the way it works. The 'logic' behind it is, that this is a 'lock button' so the main function (top) is for locking - the unlocking is basically a secondary and not so important 'undo' function of it ...<br> <br> ... nevertheless I always hit the button in the wrong place when I want to unlock the doors to let somebody into the car.<br> <br> You solve that problem with politeness: Open the drivers door (and all doors will unlock), then you go out of the car and hold the door open for whoever wants to come in ...<br> <br> ... once the car is full, and you are seated behind the wheel again, and you see this big Mafia guy approaching the car, you hit the lock button and are safe.<br> <br> Well, I admit, that this second part of the story is not very realistic, but who would dare to argue with MB designers ;-)<p>
Your door locks are correct, i have the 2001 c320 also.<p>
This is one of many design "flaws"...

I've noted a few other things that are backwards.<br> <br> The reversed function of the central locking button is bad enough, but it's also placed in an incredibly bad location. Many of the times I need to unlock another door I'm standing outside the car trying to get my kid into the back seat. In most cars you can reach in the driver's side window or open the drivers door and flick the unlock button. With this car's button mounted in the center of the dash, it's practically impossible to get to it without sitting in the driver's seat. It may be MB's 'traditional' place to put this button, but it's a lousy location!<br> <br> As for another backwards item (this one is pretty minor, but it's still 'wrong' and I don't expect such inattention to detail on a $50,000+ car)... The steering wheel controls have up/down and back/forward buttons. To make it easy to tell which one you're pressing without having to look down, they dimpled the buttons. The stupid thing is that they made the 'Up' or '+' button with a recessed dimple and the 'Down' or '-' button with a raised dimple. Doh!<p>
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Button Location

The location of the button is not too bad in my opinion, as they expect it to be used by the driver when he stops somewhere and let's people in or out.<br> <br> Whenever you are not sitting on the driver seat, you're supposed to use the buttons on your remote (key) to lock or unlock the car.<p>
I think it was done to save money :-!

Yeah, but what about when your car is parked in the garage and the keys are already in the car? This routinely happens to me. I'm holding my kid, ready to load her in the back seat when I discover that only the driver's door is unlocked (and the keys are lying on the center console). Every other power door lock equipped car I've owned had a button on the driver's door where it was easy to get to without climbing into the car.<br> <br> I'm not saying I can't get used to reaching for the dash console when I'm already in the car, but it's definitely not a convenient location if you're not already in the car. The fact that it has its functions reversed makes matters worse.<br> <br> On the other hand, a button on the door is convenient regardless of whether you're sitting in the car or leaning in to unlock the rest of the car while you're still standing outside of it.<br> <br> My opinion is that they put it on the dash console to save some money. Instead of needing to put a button on both driver's and passenger's side doors, they get away with one button. Less wiring, fewer harnesses, easier mounting, etc. In terms of design economy it makes sense, but it's most definitely not more convenient for the car owner.<p>
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Re: I think it was done to save money :-!

You might be right with the design economy ...<br> <br> ... on the other hand, I never leave my car keys in the car while I'm outside (apart from a very few occasions where the engine is running and I quickly step out to do something. There are so many chances for something (or somebody) locking and shutting the doors.<br> <br> And by the way, I set my key to unlock all doors (my wife's key only unlocks the driver door). Unless you are really, really concerned about security, you should set your key to unlock all doors.<p>
The "lock" icon on the button shows where to push for "locking" the doors! (more)

I was confused the first few times I used the lock button on my new C240. Then I realized that the picture on the button is 'lock', so that's where you push. What also threw me were the heated seat controls. I kept pushing the top of the switch for 'on', and the bottom for 'off'. If you push the top for low, you need to press the top again for off.<p>
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