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i am having problems with door locks.
my car is 1993 s600 and the doors on drivers side wont open
the drivers door will open from inside but when i close door
it wont open from outside the door handle on the outside
is immovable extremely rigid
the passenger door handle moves freely from outside and inside
but door wont open from outside or inside
i have removed fuses 9 and 11 and disconnected battery
i also removed close assist pump and used another one
but without sucess and i also trird sucking through vacuum line
going to actuator in front door
battery is also fully charged
would appreciate any help to solve this problem

1994 S420
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I would suggest seperating diagnosis of front and rear doors for a minute.

I will hope you have already confirmed each door lock mechanism is functioning correctly. You can easily lock/unlock each door using the tab on the top of the door. Remember, with a lock engaged, front door will not open from outside, but from inside door will open. Door must be unlocked for outside handle to work. Sorry, have to start with the obvious. If door will not open from outside, can you use key to unlock latch manually then open door ?

To confirm...front door latch releases freely and naturally from INSIDE using door lever binding, catching, grinding etc....if YES, then door latch is not problem. Nothing is restricting, binding or holding the door or latch. The latch works.

Since it is not the lock or the latch, that means the probem is in the outside door handle. You will need to remove the door handle to see what is broken. More than likely a pin has slipped out and jammed a hinge which is why the handle won't pull.

There are very awkward access retention pins/clips on each end of the door handle. You will need a diagram to best understand...sorry, I don't have one....the forward clip is easy to see with the inside door panel removed. It is the retention clip next to the handle hinge and the latch which is almost impossible to see in my S420 door.

For the rear door, it could be the door lock is stuck or the handle release is disconnected. For both inside/outside handles to fail simultaneously, my guess is the door lock is stuck locked. Can you pull the respective door handle and the door latch won't release, or does the handle have a very loose, almost disconnected feel ?

If the door lock is not stuck, it sounds like the latch release mechanism has disconnected inside the door....usually you can tell, if the inside handle pulls freely, easily (no resistance from the latch mechanism) then it is disconnected. Same for outside. If you have natural spring loaded resistance, then the problem is likely the door lock mechanism has not released.

Either way, you are taking off door panels and looking for disconnected rods/connectors.
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