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Machine Gun Locks

I have read pleubners DIY on the replacement of the door locks however I have two main questions before I can go ahead with this:

1. Where can I get the entire lock mechanism for each door.

2. How do I know which mechanisms (locks) need to be replaced?

Right now I have the fuse for the auto locks removed.

The two rear doors lock manually perfectly.

The front passenger does not lock at all. When the pin is pushed down it just springs back up (When held down, and I open the handle from the outside it is locked) Maybe I should just tape it down!

The drivers door lock can manually be locked, however it takes a good amount of force to push the pin down/pull up (so much so that if I do it consistently it feels as though it will break)

So come to think of it, it must be obvious right? Replace two front locks?

But... I have heard so many needing to replace the rear hatch lock as well. Is there any way I can find out if the rear hatch lock needs replacing?


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The one the does NOT lock is the broken one. If the trunk locks then it's not broken.

Replace the passenger door first.

Buy from any benz dealer or online OEM parts retailer. Lots of suggestions on the board. I like Duval Motors who is a benz dealer.
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