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Since there are a number of recent newbies in here, I think it is worth repeating that if you live in the U.S., you can get free access to the MB EPC (electronic parts catalog) online:

EPC-net Online

You do have to give them a valid credit card number (not sure why) but no amount will be charged to it. Every year, you have to renew for $0.00. The free offer is for U.S. customers. Other people can pay for it at $12.00 per year. Since it is online, it always has the most recent part updates and cross references. Therefore, it is much better than the free Russian site. This is the same information the dealers use, so it is great to go in with part numbers in hand to try to make sure that the new parts guy who has only been working a week can't mess up your order ;)

Input your VIN once into the software and then it should save it for future reference. This is really nice because it will alert you when parts in the diagram are not valid for your application.
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