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2003 E320 Base sedan
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I just bought my first Mercedes an 03 E320. Love it not sure why I waited this long in life. Anyway dome light in middle of car didn't work, so being the curious one I am i popped it loose. Turns out someone previously had broken the ribbon just flush with the plug, to close to repair. Obviously everything is replaceable, just a matter of how. Looks like the entire headliner will have to come down. I have a couple ideas. 1. get new cable, tape to existing cable, and pull through headliner to other end. or 2. get new ribbon, cut end off few inches back, and splice onto existing one. Where does this ribbon go? Has anyone ever dealt with this before?

Also, dome assembly looks like it may have had a speaker or something in the center that has been removed. Does anyone know what would have been there to begin with? It has the Harmon Kardon sound system.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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