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doing some research

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I am in charge of marketing at the company I work at. We are preparing for the upcoming auto shows in the spring. I would like some feed back on what people think about paint protection film on their vehicles (also known as clear bra, rock blockers, etc...).

Thanks for the help. I have it installed on my c230. Let me know I'll send you pics.
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tc1: I am also an installer. I have been installing for 8 yrs now.I started with 3m and would have a lot of complaints about the look of the film after awhile.I have also tried films like avery,madico,lumar and digicut films. Iam now using venture and have been for the past 3 yrs. There is no comparison to this film. You may hear of film coming up on the edges every now and then from people but thats mainly because of the installer not being qualified.I have so many stories of how well the product works that I couldn't even list. If anyone has any questions they can e-mail [email protected]
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