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doing some research

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I am in charge of marketing at the company I work at. We are preparing for the upcoming auto shows in the spring. I would like some feed back on what people think about paint protection film on their vehicles (also known as clear bra, rock blockers, etc...).

Thanks for the help. I have it installed on my c230. Let me know I'll send you pics.
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someone must have an opinion about this product...
Dimple... the concerns your have are good... according to our reseach... most paint protection manufactures have resolved the issue of yellowing. Make sure that you find an installer that has experience. Wish I could help, but I don't know any one in your neck of the woods.

if you want pics check out our gallery at
If you guys are interested I can set up a group buy or a special promo code for the forum.

Thanks for the feed back guys.
venture is awesome.. thats the stuff we use... thanks for the feed back... I hope there is more to come from the other memebers
you found it... lol... we install, but we are in brooklyn.. but if you like we do mobile work too (only if you have an indoor garage)... let me know... for more info goto my website and give me a call its on the site, just mention that you are on the mb forum..
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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