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doing some research

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I am in charge of marketing at the company I work at. We are preparing for the upcoming auto shows in the spring. I would like some feed back on what people think about paint protection film on their vehicles (also known as clear bra, rock blockers, etc...).

Thanks for the help. I have it installed on my c230. Let me know I'll send you pics.
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dimple173 - 2/1/2005 12:24 AM

tc1, I have been seriously considering about having the front-end protection applied on my E55 (Tectite Gray). The durability of the film, it's ability to not-yellow over time, and also the proficiency of the installer is of great importance. The person I was considering did the installation for the Porsche and Viper clubs here in So. Cal. But has moved on and I don't know where he went. I am still currently checking installers and reading up on the latest long-term product evaluations. Basically, if it doesn't make the car look like crap after a few years, I'm all for it. Please post some pics.
[:D]I have it on 5 cars and it has held up very well. The film is Venture Shield and has not yellowed at all from the earliest (2 years old) to the newest 6 months old. All cars are rarely exposed to the elements other than when they are driven. The key is to be certain of the installer's quality of work. I have seen some real hack jobs that do look like hell. Get references before hand.

Lou K
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