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'04 SLK 32 AMG
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[:(!] I can't believe I missed this.... I brought my car into a local MB body shop to get hail damage fixed... at first glance they did a great job... however, after a week, I've noticed some problems...

1) The grommet (or seal) that runs around the front windshield is loose, and it leaks into the car when it rains.

2) My CD changer doesn't work right now.

3) THEY MIS-BADGED MY CAR. It went in as an SLK 32 AMG.... it came out as an SLK 230 AMG. I LOOK LIKE A FRIGGEN POSER [:eek:)] .

Needless to say I'm not happy at all. They will probably keep my car another week. I'm probably gonna ask for a loaner, I don't think I should have to rent a car... what do you guys think?
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