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I am in the process of detailing a friends truck and found a way to remove long soft dog hair. Put on some rubber gloves and stroke with the "grain" of the carpet, then vacuum up the fur balls. Fast and easy.

This is the beginning, I had already used a shop vac to get as much of the hair as I could.
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Fur line
Vehicle door Hand Vehicle Automotive exterior Car

Done! He will be so surprised when I return his truck.
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I Bought An Ugly Toyota

I found an ugly silver/gray Corolla at an auction in the 90's. Ran out well, just ugly. Apparently the girl that owned the car had been feeding multiple dogs out of the glovebox. OMG, the mess was incredible. Dog hair in places that you can't imagine. In those days they used some sort of carpet that was more like indoor/outdoor with fibrous hooks, akin to Velcro. I worked that interior for days(Shop-Vac), got all the hair out, but never fully got the odor out. Sold it cheap, and bought it back 6 months later and sold it again. Some people just want a vehicle that moves, no matter the odors.

BTW they make rubber products designed to remove pet hair, but if the gloves work... 馃憤
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Nice, very nice. This problem is the main if you like driving with your car. If it really works I'll try it, thanks! By the way, my dog's breed is goldendoodle. It's curly and his hair is everywhere. I chose this breed because I'm allergic and it helped me to have a dog and avoid symptoms. It really helped me, I didn't know that such breeds exist, but they are! But, this breed is hypoallergetic, so i don't need to worry about it anymore!

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I bought a red silicone brush that works great after a quick vac. So vac, brush, vac then packing tape (free roll ends are perfect)
I grab the unused roll ends of packing tape the guys throw off the dock at our warehouse. The roll gets to a place where they just grab a new one since it slows them down so much if they hit an end before finishing.
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