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Does my autobox need a service?

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Hi Guys,

When I look in the back of the service record is mentions changing the transmission fluid on all but type 722 boxes. Does this mean its a 'lifetime' fluid. That sounds really unlikely and given the hard work it has to do, can someone please let me know if the fluid and filter is easy to change and should be changed.

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My MB has the 722.3. Is your a 722.6? If you're a moderate DIYer... the job isn't very d...

My MB has the 722.3. Is your a 722.6? If you're a moderate DIYer... the job isn't very difficult to replace the AT fluid, AT filter and AT pan gasket. I listed the MB transmission fluids below. I use the MB fluid from the dealer. My trans uses 7.7 Liters 8.1 Quarts for a complete change. How many mile on your tranny?

For MB automatic transmission (not including MB automatic transmission W5A580, model 722.6), transfer case (4MATIC), and MB manual transmission (except GL76/30-5 and GL275E) use:

Castrol Dexron-III/Mercon ATF F-30341
Castrol Transmax M-22257 / 22096
Chevron ATF Dexron III F-30108 / 30159
Citgo Multi-Purpose ATF D-21571
Exxon Superflo ATF Dexron-III F-30111
Havoline ATF Mercon/Dexron-III F-30321
Pennzoil, ATF D-21380
Pennzoil, ATF F-30110
Quaker State Dexron-III/Mercon F-30161
Sunoco ATF Dexron-III/Mercon F-30176
Texaco ATF Mercon/Dexron-III F-30321
Unocal Multi-Purpose ATF D-22413 / 22431
Valvoline ATF Type D

Supplier Information:
Castrol, Piscataway, NJ / Toronto, Canada
Chevron Products Co., San Francisco CA
Citgo Petroleum Corp., Tulsa, OK
Exxon Company USA, Houston, TX
Texaco Lubricants Co., Houston, TX
Pennzoil Products Co., Houston, TX
Quaker State, Seneca, PA
Sun Co., Philadelphia, PA
Unocal Science and Technology Div., Brea, CA
Valvoline International, Lexington, KY

For MB automatic transmission W5A580, model 722.6 and Model 163 transfer case use:

MB Automatic Transmission Fluid MB part no. 001 989 21 03 10

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RE: My MB has the 722.3. Is your a 722.6? If you're a moderate DIYer... the job isn't very d...

Ta very much for the info. Most of the supplier stuff doesnt help as I'm in the land of the $5+ per gallon fuel (UK) . I'll check the build card later. However even if it is a 722.6 why do these not require an oil and filter change? [?]

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its not funny when they go pop.

I had to have mine re-built at 130K miles. the main input shaft had spat out a couple of teeth. it had started to refuse to go into gear etc etc.

i cannot possibly see any oil lasting 140K miles.

I would deff get the oil / filter changed - well worth 100 quid or so - find an independant and use the CORRECT OIL - MB ONLY.

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dont quote me - but its in the torque converter...

the only way I can think of is to take the t c off - but that means taking the gearbox off :O

or maybe it only had 2.5 liters in it.... :O :O :O

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figuerd it may be in torque conv., but there has got to be an easier way of getting the juice out of it

before i drained the tranny oil, i actually had the car at operating temp, in neutral, (engine running), checked the tranny oil level, and it was on full (hot mark), and when i drained it only 2.5 liters were collected.

i wasn't too concerned as the used oil had a shiny wine colour to it, similar to the new oil, with no odour, or any other questionable matters associated with it

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My 2003 C230 1.8L SC sports coupe has 83K. Tranny has not been serviced. Local independent MB service shop advised not to service the tranny. States if I change fluid at this point based on prior experience with other customers the tranny tends to hav future problems. He states just run it as long as possible on present trans flulid. He recently serviced the car for a trans connector leak and topped off tranny with ATF fluid.

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Search for the DIY with pics and all. To drain the TC you need to rotate it until you can see the drain plug aligned with the slot..

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yes, some do, some dont, depending on when Merc exhausted its iventory of converters...

what happened when the 722.6 was first intorduced, it was thought to be sealed for life, thus Merc eliminated the dip stick, the ability to completely drain the fluid through pan, and later on the drain plug on TC all together!

Merc calls for vacuuming the fluid from up top instead of draining...

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when I drained mine by removing the pan and filter, only 2.5 liters came out, but capacity is 7+ liters? How do I get the rest out?
There is a good chance there was 2 litres MISSING!

I just did a change on my friend's G500, where I, too, only got 2,5 litres out...

"Hmmm" says I... "Even without draining the T/C, there SHOULD be 4,5 litres in the pan..."

Indeed.... when examining the Notorious Tranny Wiring Harness Connector.... LEAKING!!!

Of course, when it came to Re-Filling, it DID require 4,5 litres to get to the correct mark....

Bottom line... Replace your Connector Bushing either way...
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