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2012 Mercedes C250 Sport Sedan
118k miles

Car does not drive weird, does not have any issues starting up. There are no performance issues what so ever. Gas mileage may be down but unsure, probably just my aggressive driving.

Check engine light is on for the throttle position - the throttle body regulator is only opening at half of what it is supposed to. Had the engine computer (ECU?) replaced back in November by a different Mercedes dealership.

Mercedes dealership said the issue was mechanical and that's why there are no camshaft adjuster/timing chain error codes.
Mercedes dealership is saying my timing is off in the car, that the timing chain and camshaft adjuster need replacing. $4900 out the door.
Independent shop did a timing chain/camshaft adjuster test and the results are below. Timing chain looks damn near perfect and that silver bracket fits over the camshaft adjusters with no issue. Even had the guy do a full manual crank and retest which is when I took these pictures. The timing doesn't look off to me and the camshaft adjusters dont seem to be an issue.

Is there anything I am missing here? Is there another way or more tests for the timing chain/camshaft adjusters?
Is Mercedes dealership bullshitting me because they don't know what is causing the throttle body not to open all the way?
Could the problem actually be electrical with the ECU not sending the right signal?

Someone with more experience please advise in this situation.

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