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does anyone have these style wheels on their 208?

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CL w/the real Lorinser LM6s (tho I'm cool w/clones)
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I think those wheels look best on the SL. Just a bit too sporty for the 208 IMO.
the stock wheels cost more than the ones you had in the link.

Not sure that I would go with a potentially inferior set. Go with the real lorinsers if you do this.

Just my opinion
There sweet, but like bk said to classy for the 208.
The 208 is the best looking ride on the street if you ask me, those rims look good, but not on that body to me, but someone else may think different??? I think the stock rims on the 99 model (star shape) chromed out is nice too, but that's me.
haha one says its too sporty , the other says too classy. they look real nice on the CL though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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