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Does anybody have one of these?

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In the 80's MB offered a special part for cell phones. It is a padded, upholstered mount for the old style cell phones. It mounted on the passenger side of the console/trans hump. I bought one back then in gray, Since we have the portable cells now, I guess its time to take it out. But I'm thinking that it could be used for any switches or things that you have no room for on the console. Anybody else have one?
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i have this "old" cellular phone console but you say you have a new portable (me too) but you have a 2 Watt portable ! the cellular phone for car (the big!) is the 8 Watt and this phone now was same too the old ! because is the same technologie ! the reception was more better than the simple 2 Watt. i think you dont remove your console, it's an original piece !
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