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do you smell gas?

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Sometimes when I start my car(89 560 sel), it sounds as if it is is kinda hesitant to will take like 4-5 seconds instead of 2. Right after it starts up, I get a really strong smell of gasoline..does anybody know what might be the issue? and i took it to tbe dealer they told me it was fine but they did readjust the computer for my car.and took it to some dude that replaced my oxygen sensor and plugs and some other things. it almost seems like it;s not burning all the fuel that was delivered to the engine.ever since i've had the problem my engine has been very loud. On top of it, my gas mileage is horrible... Thanks. hope ya'll can help me out kuz i want to keep the car but i can't afford the freaking gas this son of a gun is drinking.
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If you are spewing a lot of black smoke after the car starts it is probably a problem in the ignition, or you may have a cylinder that is not firing, check your plugs wire connections and your gaps. If these look fine check your cylinder compressions. If a cylinder is not firing the car should shimmy a little during idle. Although the car would be driveable, it would be sluggish at low rpm and it would even out a little more at higher rpms. Last check your cat for cloggs.
The EHA valve may be malfunctioning:
I think I've been through all the gas smells.

1) Gas cap - usually symptomatic on warm days. The gas vapours expand, and the next thing you know, yuck. $10 from any import parts store.

2) EHA valve - typically most need new O-rings, but you can't buy them separately. My EHA was cracked. ~$160, but you should only have to do it once.

3) Mine seems to have a bit of odour seeping up from the exhaust too - unspent hydrocarbons due to mix etc. Changed my octane from 92 to 89, and I don't smell it anymore.

w.r.t. #3, I also may have a manifold leak; contributes to the exhaust smell.

My 2 cents.
yea i think one of the shops we took it to already put in a new EHA and new plugs & wires along with more oxygen sen. so if one of my cylinder is not firing then is there anything i could do is it just adjusting or what should i do? thanks guys
When were the cap and rotor last replaced?
This is not going to help but i have to comment. I notice a lot of complaints about mileage and petrol(gas) expense. MAN! Come live in Australia and then you'll have something to bitch about. Current prices for 98 octane premium unleaded runs at $1.16 per litre, thats $5.22 per gallon.[:0] We don't give a fat rats clack about the price. Its an honour and privelidge to drive one. We love our W126's

As to your problem EHA valve seems to b a common offender. Idle air/gas mix effected mine too. Its all good now. [:)] Tarquin
My car had a similar problem. Every morning when i start it, ALOT of black/blue smoke would come spewing out of the exhaust. Called my mech, and turns out, i didint have any engine oil at all! So i kind of caused some tear in the (forgot whats it called) So anywayy, got the highest engine oil i could get, and put it in. Now theres very very little smoke, but there still is. My mech said that i have to do a top overhaul to fix the smoke prob completely. I guess its bearable though, its just a little puff of white smoke now!
If you didnt have any engine oil then it wouldnt run at all !
I did, but it was like really little. You know that stick which you can gauge, well it was below minimum.
joelsec - 3/18/2005 10:38 PM

You know that stick which you can gauge...
That would be the dipstick, then…

You must check it at every fill up with the engine hot.
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