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Do not use Buss glass fuses for German cars for your 190. If you have an electrical problem the glass fuse may melt and destroy your fuse box. It's a $350 replacement part plus 3 hours labor. Someone replaced the fan, water pump and cc fan fuse in my 190E (probably before I bought it) with a glass one that melted when the fan switch malfunctioned. Not only that, if my wife hadn't been smart enough to turn the car off when it got hot from the non-functioning fans and water pump, I would probably have a crispy engine on my hands. As it is, the engine is fine, even after overheating. Unfortunately, this all happened over 4th of July weekend so I had to rent a car for a week. So, I had the use of a 2002 Dodge Neon with 23000 miles on it. What a dangerous piece of junk! Shame on Nader for not going after the truly unsafe, poorly designed cars on the road today. And shame on Detroit for its lack of design, style and basic common sense when it comes to producing a car for the prole!


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