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Do I need a new hub?

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Today I was replacing my rear wheel bearings on my 1981 240D. I took the following steps:

1. Removed wheel
2. Removed Rotor
3. Removed Brake Caliper
4. Removed Axle-shaft bolt
5. Removed Axle-shaft from hub
6. Removed Castle-Nut
7. Removed Grease Seals

Step #8 is where it gets hairy. I foolishly used a steel chisle and a ball peen hammer to punch the threaded end of the hub out the other side, so I could remove the hub and replace the outer bearing. When I finally got the hub out, I realized it was so deformed and damaged that it would not receive a new castle-nut and allow it to thread properly. I used a grinder to attempt to remove the deformities and burs. I attempted to reassemble the hub into the wheel carrier, but the new castle nut stripped while trying to put it back on. I think I need a new hub. Does anyone know where I can get one, or what alternatives I can take without having to go to the junkyard and take one off? If anyone needs photos, let me know and I will post some tomorrow.
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You are in trouble. I made the same mistake when I changed my rear bearings. The threaded end of the hub is very thin-walled. I had to take a file and remove the rounded-over portion of the threads. Then I used a triangular hand-saw file to restore the threads. It was painstaking work as the pitch is pretty fine. The nut went on but it took a lot of torque to tighten it to the end play specifications. You could try measuring the size/pitch of the threaded portion and getting a die that matches. If you are lucky (and careful) it may work.

If the round-over is really bad, you could squarely hacksaw the bad portion off, touch it up with a file, and see if the nut threads on. I don't know if there is enough extra thread on the hub to allow this.

Otherwise, it's off to the yards or the dealership.
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