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W140 1996 S320 Automatic
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The idiots who owned mine before me ripped it out like Neanderthals. The GD thing pops right out when you use the clips the way you are supposed to.

But someone upstream was right.

Effectively press the sides of the housing and pull back toward you.
It's a 2 handed operation and involves using your fingers to press on both sides and pull the cover back.
Turn the black socket to the left and it and the bulb will be released.
Remove/Replace bulb (some people grease theirs a smidge, but up to you)
Put the new bulb in the socket
back in and turn it right until you feel in snap into place
Replace back squeezing cover tabs in and pushing into place (they snap into place)

I'm currently stuck in short circuit Hell with mine so hope yours is just an old bulb.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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