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Center Brake Light Part is 104 455 02 pin offsets are the difference


I visit the closest Napa and they are closed. On the way home, I swing by a VW dealer and bring the bad bulb in for sh*ts and grins. The parts guy goes, "That looks like a Beetle turn signal lamp". I say, "It does? It actually came off a MB..." 2 minutes later, he comes out from back and we match up the pair, same wattage and voltage with bayonet end. I grimace and lay out $10.70 and what do you know? IT WORKS!!!
VW #N-104-456-02
The 256 part you reference is a simiar bulb and the aligning pins are 120degrees and will not fit the base..your photo somewhat illustrates

True part is n-104-255-02 which aligning pins at base are 180degrees aligned.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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