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If any have been missed, or anyone wants to add to the collection, by all means do so. :thumbsup:

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heres a how 2 installed aux jack into g class i did this on mine and its an 2003 (i know people sell kits but here the parts numbers

This bulletin has been created and maintained in accordance with MBUSA-SLP 5.1, Document and Data Control, and
MBUSA-SLP 16.1, Control of Quality Records.
© 2002 Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC All rights reserved. Reproduction or translation in whole
Mercedes-Benz Canada, Inc. or in part is not permitted without authorization from the
Technical Information publisher. Printed in the USA.
Mercedes-Benz Luxury Cars: Explore, Build & Compare Sedans, SUVs, Coupes, Wagons 1-800-FOR-MERCedes
Date: September 2002
Order No.: T-I-82.85/191
Group: 82
We are interested in your comments and/or suggestions regarding these installation
instructions—please e-mail them to: [email protected]
Note: Installation of the auxiliary input harness is not covered under warranty; it is a customer pay
1. Remove the glove compartment.
• Refer to WIS: AR68.10-P-1400GM,
“Remove/install glove compartment”
2. Measure and mark the glove compartment
left side at the point where 80-mm (A, Figure
1) from the back edge and 30-mm (B, Figure
1) from the bottom edge meet.
3. Make an 18.8-mm hole at the measured
mark (C, Figure 1).
Figure 1 P82.85-9758-01
2 T-I-82.85/191 September 2002
4. Remove the quick-release connector lock (A,
Figure 2) from the auxiliary input harness
connector (B, Figure 2).
Figure 2 P82.85-9759-01
5. Insert the auxiliary input connector into the
drilled hole from outside the glove
compartment (Figure 3).
Note: Be sure the edge of the glove
compartment hole inserts into the groove in
the connector (C, Figure 2).
6. From inside the glove compartment, lock the
connector in place by inserting the quickrelease
connector lock into the connector
Note: Be sure the spines (D, Figure 2) of the
quick-release lock inserts into the
corresponding notches (E, Figure 2) in the
Figure 3 P82.85-9760-01
7. Clip off the terminals from the individual wires
of the auxiliary input harness (Figure 4).
Figure 4 P82.85-9761-01
T-I-82.85/191 September 2002 3
8. Install the new terminals (part number: A 008
545 55 26) to the auxiliary input harness
wires using the appropriate tools from the
wiring harness repair kit (part number 220
589 01 99 00) (Figure 5).
9. Remove the COMAND unit.
• Refer to WIS: AR82.85-P-7472GM,
“Removing and installing operating and
display system with control module”
Figure 5 P82.85-9762-01
10. Position the glove compartment near its point
of installation and feed the auxiliary input
harness end through the glove compartment
opening to the space vacated by the
COMAND unit.
11. Reinstall the glove compartment.
• Refer to WIS: AR68.10-P-1400GM,
“Remove/install glove compartment”
12. Locate the disconnected C-2 plug in the
space vacated by the COMAND unit (A,
Figure 6).
13. Remove the pin connector from the C-2 plug
(B, Figure 6 and Figure 7).
Figure 6 P82.85-9763-01
14. Connect the new terminals on the wires of
the auxiliary input harness into the pin
connector (A, Figure 7).
a) Thin-gauge black wire into pin-13 (A,
Figure 8)
b) Thick-gauge black wire into pin-14 (B,
Figure 8)
c) Yellow wire into pin-04 (C, Figure 8)
d) Brown wire into pin-05 (D, Figure 8)
Figure 7 P82.85-9764-01
4 T-I-82.85/191 September 2002
15. Reinsert the pin connector into the C-2 plug,
making sure the arrow on the pin connector
points toward the C-2 plug (B, Figure 7).
16. Reinstall the COMAND unit.
• Refer to WIS: AR82.85-P-7472GM,
“Removing and installing operating and
display system with control module”
17. See page 225 of the COMAND Operator’s
Manual for instruction on switching on the
auxiliary audio source.
Figure 8 P82.85-9765-01
Parts Information
Qty. Part Name Part Number/Exchange

1 Auxiliary input harness A 203 540 61 07
4 Terminals A 008 545 55 26

the dealer will install this if u give them the wis number at the top :)
will add picks later just did this really fast for another member who needs the info

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Can anyone tell me the proper sequence to reset my service B notification on my 2011 G55? none of the old procedures work. I also tried 3 newer reset sequences from newer sedans and AMG models to no avail. It does not seem to be in the new manual ascoured that thing!

Thanks !!

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remove rear brake drums on 280GE (and others?)

2232929-how-do-i-remove-rear-brake.html#post10917121 by G-AMG posted two photographs showing how to remove rear brake drums. What is obvious to the knowledgeable is not to the novice who is used to drums that just slide off, not having a special locking bolt.
First, Loosen the Parking Brake Cables, at the HandBrake base

For the "Adjuster" Stars in the rear. Loosen as follows:

Right Brake: Turn Adjuster DOWNWARD to loosen.

Left Brake: Turn UPWARD to Loosen.

Also, don't forget to remove the Fixation Screw holding the Drum on.


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Keys! Quite important...

Thanks for the guide by Bocataco.

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