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DIY spark plugs

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I'm always amazed and impressed at how deep some people go into doing their own auto repair. I've been turning wrenches for years as a backyard self maintenance and very minor repair guy on various cars and any number of mechanical items. But I must admit to becoming more reticent to do car repairs as the years pass and cars become more and more sophisticated and I become older and slower.

I purchased a low mileage well cared for 2002 E320 4matic a couple of years ago.
Desert Silver and simply beautiful, IMHO. Want to treat myself in my retirement years.

With the help of the DIY 'stickies' posted on this site I found enough info and the courage to take on changing the spark plugs myself.
It took me about six hours. I know that is way longer than it should be for most folks. But I go slow when I work on MBs ( I've owned a couple of W123diesels over the years) because I find that MB like any car has a particular way of being that must be fully seen and realized to take apart and re-assemble properly. Oh, and I break less that way...

that being said.....

Special thanks and all 'round shout out to those who take the time to share their knowledge and help those of us that are less gifted but willing to get our hands dirty and knuckles skinned keeping the beast humming along.
You are simply the best !
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