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Replaced the grille this weekend, pretty straightforward job. The star posed a bit of a problem, but once I figured it out, was ok.

I got the grille off of ebay, and it was in excellent shape and fit great. I paid $95 plus shipping.

The grill comes right off after removing 12 or so bolts. The top bolts are a tad tricky as one is hidden behind the latch, and two you have to go through the hood (holes in hood to access them).

Do a search for star removal, but DO NOT REMOVE THE PIN holding the spring. Get a pair of vice grips or channel locks and pull the outer piece down about a 1/2 an inch--then turn it 90 degrees. You need to get aggressive with it. Its quite sturdy and won't break. Then press the outside of that piece you just pulled down, together (so it can squeeze through the hole). Then work the star out of the hole.

To get it back together, turn the piece that you initially pulled so it is flush with the star, then drop it down through the hole. The entire piece wont' fit, but don't worry. Get your channel locks, and again, pull that outermost piece down (grab it right near that pin that goes through the spring) and turn it 90 degrees. Then make sure its on the tabs so it doesnt twist anymore--and turn it so the piece that won't go through the hole aligns with the slots in the grille and it will drop down--or should. When you twist that outermost piece, the 'wings' will split open/wide and that will keep the star from falling out.

Hope that makes sense. Just look at the piece very closely before you take it out so you know what I mean.

Grill looks great, but the unfortunate thing is I really need to get my euro lights in now because my stock headlights look really really bad now.

Anyway, easy enough mod and looks great.

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