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DIY repair airbag-horn cable

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Not very easy for me to explain in English (I'm Italian) this job but anyway if your horn doesn't work or the "srs light" turns on try to check the cable under the steering wheel.
It's a kind of spiral-twisting cable;I founded mine cutted.

The cable is made as a "not repairing" item but just open the connector with a cutter and try soldering the cable; then finish the job with the "sameplast".

At some Mercedes dealer aks for deleting the error on the headunit and voilà.

On my car is still working good after 4 years but if you are going to try this job consider I've never had any crash so don't know what could happens.
Also I think the airbag could open if the 2 wires touch themselves.

So everything it's on your own risk....



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