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DIY Removing rear Deck , headrests and subs.

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I know a lot of people wanted to know how to remove the rear Deck and get to the rear speakers well this is how to get to the rear 6.5" Bose subs. well the hardest part was the headrest for me but once you know how to do the whole proses is very short.

Here’s what NOT to do: DO NOT try and remove the carpeting from around the back seats (the hole when seats are down). This carpeting goes under the rear tray and does not need to come apart. DO NOT force the deck up. It slides out easily if you get everything disconnected correctly

1- remove the brake light cable from the trunk

2- There is a little push clip in the center bottom of the first aid kit. Remove this. There’s another straight forward, just on the edge of the deck. Remove this also.

3- remove the child seat hook cap

4- after you remove that cap you have to remove the base .to remove this pull up the front of the base then push the back forward.

5- now you will have an opening to be able to pull the head rest base caps.. from the opening that you see in the picture push a screwdriver so it will unhook one side of the base then pull the base up.

once you pull the base up you see an opening for the white plastic piece that you depress so it releases the headrest

6- now you remove the side panels just start pulling it from the opening from rear next to the glass and move forward.

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