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Having produced a similar post for the W209 forum, I have realized that the same WIS drawings cover many W203 models. So I have modified the text accordingly for this forum.

The procedure to get access to the starter is different for the various engine combinations used across the model range.

This post addresses that problem, and clarifies the engine type number that is specified in the WIS drawings below. Summarized as:

111: C180, C180K
112: C240, C320
113: C55 AMG
271: C200K, C200K CGI, C180K, C230, C230T, C230K, C160K, CLC200K
272: C230T, CL230, C280, C280T, C350T, CL350, C350 4-MATIC, C350 4-MATIC T
611: C200 CDI, C200 CDI T, C220 CDI, C220 CDI T
612: CLK 270 CDI, C30 CDI AMG, C30 CDI AMG T
642 & 646.
112 4-MATIC: C240 4-MATIC, C240 4-MATIC T, C320 4-MATIC, C320 4-MATIC T.

It can be seen that each engine throws up a different major hurdle in order to get access to the starter. They are all removed from below, so you will need to raise the car.

a) 111 w 203, 112 w 203/209 - remove the complete exhaust system.
b) 113 w 203/209 - remove the right engine mount.
c) 271 - remove the steering coupling, remove intake muffler to supercharger.
d) 272 - remove the complete exhaust system.
e) 273 - remove the complete exhaust system.
f) 611/612/642/646 - unhook the exhaust system and support from below.
g) 4-MATIC on 112 - remove the complete exhaust system.

The WIS procedures are below.

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