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DIY pictorial window regulator replacement for front??

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Hi all, read though and tried to search the forum and google the best I could for a DIY pictorial window regulator replacement for the front windows with the airbags on w210 1997 E420. My mom's car just had the regulator go and I'm going to try and replace it myself to save her a few bucks.

Found out where to get all the parts ect, but does anyone know of a posting with a DIY pictorial of the front windows? Her front drivers window is the one that stopped working. There seems to be a bunch for the rear and it doesn't look too hard.

Thanks in advance!
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Sorry to bump an old thread. Also looking for a front window DIY. Will continue searching but wanted to add to the thread there that in my searching I've seen a number of people post about the FRONT regulator coming apart where a bunch of the different arms join and rotate. This is indeed where mine is broken as well -- and I have the crooked window symptom mentioned by Spadwaller so maybe that is the telltale sign of that prob? I was hoping that it was the cheap little clip problem so I could just order another one for $2. What is the symptom for the $2 clip breaking? Does that break on both front and back?

The think I need better instructions on and was hoping to find photos is how the window detaches from the regulator. I see there is a clip on the far right side of the bottom of the window with a star bolt in it. Is that clip supposed to slide in the rail, because mine is stuck to the far right. Wondering if that is what caused the failure. I can't see how the three arms can line up in there very well without that side sliding (don't have the new regulator yet as I'm just opening up to check for the issue).

My screw is stuck in there so I was *hoping* to get better instructions online here while I came back into the house to find something to loosen the screw.

What else is the process for disconnecting the window from the mechanism? Can someone try to describe it in a little more detail so I don't just go in there forcing things?
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Also posting a photo of the front window regulator for anyone reading this post in the future. The part that I think may be the weak point is the joint where the three arms connect in the center, on the left side of the photo.


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