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DIY pictorial window regulator replacement for front??

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Hi all, read though and tried to search the forum and google the best I could for a DIY pictorial window regulator replacement for the front windows with the airbags on w210 1997 E420. My mom's car just had the regulator go and I'm going to try and replace it myself to save her a few bucks.

Found out where to get all the parts ect, but does anyone know of a posting with a DIY pictorial of the front windows? Her front drivers window is the one that stopped working. There seems to be a bunch for the rear and it doesn't look too hard.

Thanks in advance!
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I've never seen one. How do you know it's for sure the regulator? The front ones seem to be pretty bulletproof.

That said, you can sign up with alldata to get the instructions to change the front one, but I'd suggest just getting started. Read through the rear one a bit in detail so you know where to look for hidden screws, etc. Once you get the panel off you'll see how the regulator is held in.

Take pics on your way and do a DIY, gain netimmortality in the stickies. ;)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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