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DIY pictorial window regulator replacement for front??

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Hi all, read though and tried to search the forum and google the best I could for a DIY pictorial window regulator replacement for the front windows with the airbags on w210 1997 E420. My mom's car just had the regulator go and I'm going to try and replace it myself to save her a few bucks.

Found out where to get all the parts ect, but does anyone know of a posting with a DIY pictorial of the front windows? Her front drivers window is the one that stopped working. There seems to be a bunch for the rear and it doesn't look too hard.

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for all the replys. My main concern is not with taking the window reg out, but more with the airbag (extra connections, etc). Has anyone taken apart the front door with an airbag and can lend any pointers or is it the same as the rear doors? Shop said it was the window regulator and gave my mom a pretty high quote to fix it so figured I'd give it a shot first.
If anyone has a diagram of the front door and the parts and where they go that would be a HUGE help. Working on it now, but very stuck....

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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