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DIY Painting?

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I never got around to having the Mog painted last summer.I am considering doing it myself and have the following questions.

1 Is it that hard to produce a decent result

2 Are there any specific primers that I should use to cover the horrible orange colour it is now?

3 What spray gun should I buy?
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I painted my 416 with an epoxy primer, then a single stage urethane green and it looks ok. I used a 30 year old Binks 18 gun, but have recently bought a Sata HVLP, and get a much nicer finish with the new gun. A decent paint job is more about the prep work than the paint IMO, but having a decent gun will help.
I have seen projects that should have turned out amazing trashed, because the owners are getting sick of it and just want it Done. So they skimp on the final body prep-work they end up using $1000+ in materials and getting a paint job that looks like it was fizy canned.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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