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My left front wheel is making a really annoying squeeking sound over bumps and when I push down on the car. I went to my specialist and he told me its the ball joint. Now, hes trying to charge me $100 for the ball joint and $90 to install it. I found it on Auto Parts in Canada! - OEM and Aftermarket Canada Auto Parts for $42, I just wanted to make sure a few things first:

Is lemfoerder the OEM product?
Is the part # W0133-1619710 the correct part #?

Are there any other ball joints I need to replace? I thought I only had to change 1, but in this install (which is superb, thanks) you are using 2 ball joints.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

my car:
2000 S430 non 4-matic
1 - 1 of 79 Posts
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